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Join an epic adventure into one of the best anime/manga series, Deadman Wonderland. Take the role of your character as you learn the secrets hiding behind each turn.
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 How Quests Work

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PostSubject: How Quests Work   Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:12 pm

Quest System

The Quest System is basically the same as a mission system just with another name. This system allows you to complete quests to earn Cast Points or even boost your reputation around deadman wonderland. Though cast points is the main reason people complete them. There are already some missions that are handmade by the staff members but you are free to do your own custom ones and have them approved by the staff members. These missions can be done inside deadman wonderland and aswell as outside in the city of Tokyo if you have the permission to do so. These missions outside of deadman wonderland are most likely private and work that is given by the Warden himself.

You complete quests by posting in it's corresponding location with the title being the quest name and the description being "Quest". You complete quests by fuffiling the required task in the required ammount of posts or more. It dosen't specifically matter HOW you complete it(unless specified) so use your imagination to the fullest!
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How Quests Work
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