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 Valeria Diablos, Done

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PostSubject: Valeria Diablos, Done   Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:09 pm

Name: Valeria Reiel Diablos
Age: 26
Race: Deadman
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 123 lbs



Her body without clothes is that of a model's. Her face well formed, curved perfect like a doll's. Skin a fair peach and curves in all the right places. Her cup size a medium c, but well hidden in the cover of her red jacket. The long sleeves cover and have cuffs of white at the end. Upon the length up to the shoulder on both sides are patterned diamonds. The cuffs are rigid with a sort of jagged shape to them with dots of holes to decorate. Her collar remains unfolded which looks a bit odd with the red of the jacket. Upon the connection of the collar is a large white bow that would cover a majority of her chest with the tails falling to her stomach and even a bit past. The whole of her blouse reaches her thighs before cutting off. Beneath a black skirt of a shiny material would sit covering her lap, but not restricting mobility. She has knee high white boots that thread in the front to lace up. As well she has white gloves.

The color of her hair is that of auburn's color. Long, dark and silken, it reaches her waist. Two sections on either side of her hair is braided. Her bangs are a bit messy but otherwise her hair is straight. The color of her hair is an odd color and can sort of change depending on the lighting. Naturally her eyes are a purple but in most lights are a brown seemingly. In some lighting it can be seen as a bloody brown. Her skin is oddly peach despite the way she can seem almost like a vampire. She does not suck on people's blood though.

Hair Style: Valeria tends to keep her hair straight, and down. Though it has a bit of volume, so half-way down it fluffs outwards.
Hair Color: The color of her hair is a dark auburn. A hint of red streaks colors to give it a reddish sheen.
Complexion: Val's complexion is perfect. Her skin tone is gentle, almost fragile and a nice light tan, almost sandy in color.
Build: Her build is petite, making her look less intimidating than most. She has not much form, but she knows how to use what she has.
Eye Color: Her eyes are a gorgeous purple in color. Violet orbs set back in an almost menacing way.
Special Markings: Val has a few notable scars. One such scar is along her left wrist, a bullet wound in her right side and lastly one sets up the back of her right calf.
Clothing Style: Fashionable. Valeria likes to wear cocktail dresses and other slight scandalous clothing.


The personality of Val is where she gets her horrid nickname as Raven. She is cruel and 'heartless' towards people. Her main goal is to create and force chaos on those around her. All of her life as long as she has known is that of seducing and tempting others into her evil ways. Should they bore her or not comply? Then she discards them. Tosses them aside with ease. Her body not easily attached to anyone. Most of the time she would rather be away from people in general. Her mentality that of a loner as she searches for no mate nor does she search for another's company on purpose unless it suits her. She is not the type to have close friends and mainly keeps enemies by her side. Day by day fighting and killing. Her own mind simply on kill. To see blood, to cause more blood. To ruin lives and to only seek her own pleasure from another person's pain. She is a sadist and a masochist through and through, making her seem to be a demon in 'human' hide. The false testimonies she give only that much more cruel to those who fall for her game, which is nearly everyone.

Dominance, she always has to be top dog. She always has to be the last one standing, the one on top and the one who calls the shots. She will do anything to get to this spot short of kissing someone's ass. She doesn't lower herself to begging, ever and torture just turns her on. In fact chaos in general is what she fucks. There are a few people though where even this level of longing is so badly wanted she will beg. That much of an impact in her life is rarely found as she cares for so few people in this world. However for the few people she worships, she will do anything to prove her worth. Though she hates to be reminded of it, she will deny it to her grave and will ignore any comment towards her being a teacher's pet. She loves causing mayhem, making people betray one another and general cruel actions. Her words stirring and weaving lie after lie to catch people in, web after web. No, she herself has never been caught in the webs she weaves, but others fall for her ways with ease. This woman will fight for her position and the thought of being an underdog sickens her. As her personality will allow others to think they're her boss but she only lets that remain as an illusion for them to sleep with. A way to let them rest well at night before she turns on them.

It is possible Val has no friends. Her face holding a sick smile and her lips a cruel love for mindfucking people. She doesn't rape as her words stir people to sleep with her with consent. A sort of black widow that will afterwards ruin the name of her lover. Yet she is as a shadow and no one intimidates this little lady. She is cocky and arrogant, yet always seeming relaxed and not at all stirred to panic. She has her fears, however never shows them. Her posture that of someone who is better than you. Her words pulling people into a false sense if security. She will gladly pretend to be your friend for a price then backstab at the will of the highest bidder. A cruel woman who has no love in her it seems nor humility. Aroused by pain and constantly convincing others to do things they wouldn't normally. A literal home wrecker she is a dreaded shadow and considered the daughter of the devil if not the devil himself as her very presence meant doom for those who saw that shadowy appearance. Like a thief she stays stowed away in hiding. Not many know what she looks like but she is seen as a sort of threat, a warning to people. She is nocturnal and only comes out to play during the night usually. Her body matching in the shadows so much better and her face hidden. It is debated on whether this shadowy figure is male or female from the dark she chooses and in the process very few actually know her as this Raven character.

Likes: Lawyers, blood, crimson, Doing generally cruel things, being a home-wrecker, people pure of heart, seeing people squirm, the taste of chai tea, being flattered, Strawberry smoothies, good manners, people who know their place, winning
Dislikes: Righteous people, the color yellow, smart-alick, potato chips, sweaty people, people pure of heart, germs, the idea of STD's, going shopping, smokers, people without manners, Sleeping, doctors, losing and being humiliated
Major Strengths: Val is very agile and cunning, what she doesn't have in brute strength, she makes up for in wit and strategy. She is good on her feet, making her an agile fighter and a good dancer.
Major Weakness: Valeria is a germaphobe. She dislikes other people touching her without permission or someone even coughing in her general direction. As well, she has a temper that impairs her judgement slightly.
Minor Strengths: She is a person with great precision in her strikes, better than some and good with a pole-arm. She is also a sado-masochist which gives her pleasure in both recieving pain and giving pain.
Minor Weakness: She has a very impatient person. Often she loses interest in a lot of things due to this lack of patience.
Fears: Germs, Being Asleep
Goals: To create chaos.

Family: All deceased.

Valeria wasn't always the way she is now. Her life full of confusion, deceit and tricks. However to get where she was she had a beginning. She was born the youngest of three children. Her older siblings both children whom bullied her daily for being a girl and would pick on her all through the first years of grade school. Her being the shy girl, the good girl. She was kind, sweet and caring, always helping the other children, never harming a fly. She was terrified of bugs and the dark and thought boys had cooties, the good old days. Oddly enough, she was always advanced for her age. Always ahead of the curb and quiet the leader. Her name was always, Vally or Val. She was willing to do anything for anyone if they asked her to. A long time ago when she still had friends.

Unfortunately the good years had to come to an end and that struck when she hit grade school, the middle years, Third grade to be precise. Upon coming home from school she would walk into a bloodied house. In belief it was a nightmare and yet, it wasn't. Her step father standing among a vary of two bodies; one being her blood father and the other her uncle. Why they had been killed, Val never knew nor understood and never bothered to ask. She didn't want to know. It was a situation better left to the silence. Her short body suppressing it within seconds of seeing it as her mother came to greet her. They had Val help hide the body and told her a specific lie that she had to make sure never to tell the truth about. They even went so far as to punish her if she blinked the wrong way, burrowing that lie into her very being.

A year would pass by before another lie would be created, only this time it was focused on her. A weekend home alone with her stepfather and mother, both brothers at a friend's house would allow her parents the time of day to initiate a sick plan. While she was sleeping, they would tie her down and molest her, some sort of sick ritual in the process. What they were doing Val didn't know, but she cried for mercy and tugged at the ropes as the unspeakable to her would happen, tears on her crying face. Her body trying its best to break free with no avail.

The following five years Val shelled up, suppressing the continuous demonic deeds of her parents and prayed to God to help her. Yet no salvation came. After six years of no help, Val turned to a different source for help. Her mind shifting to satanic praise. A ritualistic prayer after another molestation of the devil to take care of her family, to rid them of their deeds. The next day she awoke to find that her parents were dead. One dying in a car crash, the other was brutally murdered by a stab in the throat. Val was far more than enthused and gave praise. She became obsessed, almost sickeningly as she lived with her older brother. Both of her brothers knew what had been happening and decided to ignore it and leave Valeria at the pray of her fate. Oh how she would get them back.

One night it seemed Val would initiate a prayer, a ritual, as she would become continuous on it, her body almost a house for the devil to be in as some would explain. She would slip in her brother's room and her fun would begin. Upon making her eldest a brother a unique, she would shove the dismembered member down the man's throat and suffocate him with it. Her voice laughing at him as he choked to death. Mocking him as she would say; "Now you can be silenced forever." He didn't die that way, no, instead she would pull it out and grab his tongue, slicing it out completely so he could drown in his own blood, "Now you can stay silent forever." She would burn the room down, carving an anarchy symbol in his chest before fleeing.

Soon after she struck again. This time she would use words and convince someone to help her. This man not knowing his own doom. She had a man hired to rape her own brother and then she would slice at his throat before pulling out her pistol and shooting her partner in the head. There were no people to spare in her line of duty. Val fled the town, but was casual about it, being placed under foster care, oddly no one chasing after her as a suspect. Unfortunately for her, she was stalked by someone who knew a truth of her. She was stolen aside and it was at last she was given the ultimatum of death penalty or Deadman Wonderland. It wasn't as if she really had a choice to begin with. She was a 'potential' in books she didn't know of. Valeria was convicted of her vicious arsen and the numbers of voluntary manslaughter as well as counted numbers of murder. She was sent away to the 'Wonderland' where all her fun began.

She was sadistic to begin with. Mentally the feel of power was something she couldn't fight, so she joyously joined the competitions, at times, purposely 'accidentally' pushing others into the wheels of death. It wasn't until her first examination that they found something unique with her. The woman had become infected by the virus and soon, she was forced into the deeper depths of the Hellhole where to her, it was the most beautiful thing to happen. Carnival Corpse to her was as amazing as Disney World for children. Pain and to give pain, they were simply amazing. It was like a reward for being a sociopath. In the battles, she lost a couple, gained some scars, but Val had a tenancy to not keep her opponents alive.

Strength- 3 (0+3)
Perception- 6 (0+6)
Endurance- 4 (0+4)
Charisma- 7 (0+7)
Intelligence- 7 (-10+17) [Race 'benefit']
Agility- 10 (0+10) [Race 'benefit']


  • One stuffed bunny.
  • 1000 cp
  • 1 piece of candy (If allowed)


Additional Informaiton:
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PostSubject: Re: Valeria Diablos, Done   Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:53 pm

Hmm... Well, here is what is wrong. Don't worry, they're small:

You can keep the candy, but as of now it's not needed. Until the staff can come up with a system for it, it won't be needed.

There has been an update in the template. Since there were mistakes and you have to correct them, you can just do this tiny part to. I've added the abilities section under the inventory. You can find abilities in the [Only admins are allowed to see this link] section in the link or in the Character Creation location. Make sure you read the rules before adding an ability.

You need two more Major Weakness. Her anger would be a Minor Weakness.

I did edit the Race Benifits, but you can keep yours since I edited it AFTER you made it.

And that's it. Just fix those and it'll be accepted!
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Valeria Diablos, Done
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