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Join an epic adventure into one of the best anime/manga series, Deadman Wonderland. Take the role of your character as you learn the secrets hiding behind each turn.
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PostSubject: Izanami Kuroi Chi   Izanami Kuroi Chi I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2012 5:33 pm

First Name: Izanami
Middle Name:
Last Name: Kuroi Chi
Nickname(s)/Alias: Stymphalian, The Traitor
Age of appearance: 17
Race/Species: Undertaker/ Scientist
Rank: General

Izanami Kuroi Chi Steamp11
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 119
Build: Small
Complexion: pale
Eye colour: brown
Hair: White
Special markings: none
Other: She is missing part of her arm from a previous punishment game.

General Attitude/Personality: Relaxed, Wicked Smart, Cheerful
Goals: Become Guardian of the Mother Goose System
Likes: Fighting, worm-eater, her trainees, Learning about Worm.
Dislikes: losing body parts, the Wrenched Egg on the loose, Deadmen that don't behave.
Bad Habits: forgetting her pen,
Fears: Losing more body parts, losing her funding and DW closing

Finishing Up
Parents: Dead
Siblings: None
Other(s): She is friends with some of other Undertakers.
History: She was one of the original Residents of DW. In one fight another prisoner slashed at her with a knife and cut off a part a arm. She killed him for scaring her for life, it because of this she wears her metal glove. After a while it came to the attention of the promoter that Iza was really smart and was studying the Branches of Sin. When he learned she knew more about it than most of his scientist. He quickly offered her a job as one of his researchers and Undertaker, (no need for talent go to waste). She was one of the lead members of the team that invented Worm Eater and Forgerys. She has been out running errands for the promoter is now back.

Major Advantage: Her intelligence, Her invention: Stymphalian's Wings, can form two large disk that a can be used as shilds. she can form one in her palm and throw it. Her Gun: Worm Eater
Minor Advantage: [Breathe underwater longer, see better in dark, ect.]
Major Weakness: Light weight does not have much blood to use for Stymphalian, and she can be anemic
Minor Weakness: Needs to take meds for anemia. Likes to work herself to exhaustion.

Defense: 10

Money: 1000 CP

Weapons: Gun of Worm Eater, metal Gauntlets, Worm Eater Disc generator.

Weapons(Undertakers ONLY/Technique Information

Name: Stymphalian Guard

Appearance: It a small rectangular box that runs along her right forearm, and the other is build into her metal glove.

Weapon Abilities: It can generate Worm eater discs that can can very in size and shape.

Limitations: The worm eater and power scorce need to be monitored, as well as he blood. If she uses it too much it could shut down or she could pass out.

Story: The device was the brain child of Izanami. It was made/designed when she was first experimenting with blood manipulation when they were working on crating the forgeries. It mixes her blood with an impervious fake red worm, and worm eater. The red worm she uses dies every three day and needs to be replenished, as well as recharged. Again not a branch of Sin just a primitive attempt at copying it. The constructs probity could be destroyed if hit hard enough.

Learned Moves
-Perseus's Discus (Forms a Discus in her hand)
-Artemis's Bow (Forms crescent moons on her arms/ and in her hands that she can throw)

Innate Moves
-Spartan shield (Large disc shields on her arms)

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PostSubject: Re: Izanami Kuroi Chi   Izanami Kuroi Chi I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 12:17 am

- There are no cannon characters here so Shiro/Crown or all those you have mentioned in your character don't really exist. I suggest you fix this.

- Yo cannot have multiple races. If you are an undertaker, then be an Undertaker/Scientist. But I will not allow the Dead man as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Izanami Kuroi Chi   Izanami Kuroi Chi I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2012 10:52 am

So, I gave it a quick run-through. I know that deleting some of this is a lot, so I'll just givve it to you for the previous template. I want to point out that Stymphalian's Wings sounds like a Branch of Sin, so before you can use it you'll have to fill out a form in the Branch of Sin directory. Besides that, Worm Eater is only avadiable higher level Undertakers, to simply specify your level. If you want Worm Eater you can start at level General.
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PostSubject: Re: Izanami Kuroi Chi   Izanami Kuroi Chi I_icon_minitime

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Izanami Kuroi Chi
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