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Join an epic adventure into one of the best anime/manga series, Deadman Wonderland. Take the role of your character as you learn the secrets hiding behind each turn.
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 Races and Abilities

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Deadmen are people who have the Nameless Worm virus and can have free control of their blood. They get a +3 to their speed, but a -3 to their intelligence. They can start out three type of starter Branch of Sin. Deadmen start out in the Deadman Wonderland Prison.

An Undertaker is a powerful guard of Deadman Wonderland. They get a +3 to their strength but a -3 to their speed. They can start with nearly full access to Deadman Wonderland. They start out in the Undertaker Tower. Undertakers can not use Branch of Sin. Undertakers can infuse their weapons with the Worm Eater to nutralize the Nameless Worm's power for 50,000 CP(see store).

An average human is...well... a normal person. Humans can contract the Nameless Worm through consumption of it. Nameless Worms are usually found in more radioactive places. They start out with +3 to their intelligence but -3 to their strength. They start out in any place in Japan besides Deadman Wonderland, which Humans only have access to the Carnival. Humans can not use Branch of Sin.

Forgeries are artificial Deadmen. Usually humans who had the Nameless Worm inserted into them in a foreign way. Forgeries get a +3 to their agility, but a -3 to their perception. Forgeries start out in Deadman Wonderland Prison. Forgeries are the only race that can use poisons in their Branch of Sin.

Androids are robotics created by people. They have a multitude of functions and works, but in the end they are robots. Androids usually have human-like apperances and traits, but most are artificial and programed into them. Androids get a +3 to their intelligence and strength, but a -3 to their perception and edurance. Androids can start out anywhere. Androids can not use Branch of Sin. Androids and Cyborgs have specific upgrades that can be bought in the store.

Cyborgs are half human and half android/robot. They have their human mindset and mentality, but the works and funcitons or a robot. Cyborgs get a +3 to their endurance and strength, but -3 to their intelligence and agility. Cyborgs can not use Branch of Sin unless they are half Deadman. Androids and Cyborgs have specific upgrades that can be bought in the store.

If it is specified that a race can not use an ability, they can't use it UNLESS it has been approved by a moderator.

Branch of Sin
The Branch of Sin is the main abilities of a Deadman. Branch of Sin are broken up into four categories: Starter, Basic, Advanced, Master. Every Branch of Sin can be upgraded to a more powerful version through training and usage of it. So a simple and weak Branch of Sin at a starter level could become one of the strongest in the RPG at Master level. Do not expect to aquire Master level Branch of Sin quickly, for it needs determination to it. Mastering Branches of Sin can intrude on your usual RPG, so don't spend to much thorugh in it unless you are willing to give up your usual RPG experience(or you can do both of you're a good multi-tasker). Certian Branches of Sin can only be aquired at certian levels. To aquire those, you must train with that power. In a training session, you are making your character attempt to use it. For example: Fists of Blood: Bob begins to coat his body in blood. He struggles to carefully let the blood coat every inch of himself. You kinda get the point. You msut make a certian ammount of training posts to actually learn that ability. Along with that, some abilities may need the mastery of a certian STARTER Branch of Sin to even BEGIN the training! You can only use a higher level Branch of Sin during training, and not anwhere else unless you've learned it. To upgrade abilities, just use thar Branch of Sin a certian ammount of times. Once you have, post in the updates of your acomplishment! It can be during a usual time or in battle. Anytime you use a Branch of Sin, it counts twoard your Mastery total. Fan-Made Branches of Sin can be added here. For more Branches of Sins, look at the wiki [Only admins are allowed to see this link] To upgrade Branches of Sin, post in a profile modification that you met the requirments and what you want to happen once it is upgraded(poisons, extended range, explosive, ect.) Branches of sin can be upgraded as many times as you want, but it needs an extra 50 for the next uprgrade. Example:
First Upgrade-100 posts
Second Upgrade-150 Posts
Third Upgrade-200 Posts
Tenth Upgrade-550 Posts

You need 100 Posts for the first upgrade. Good luck.
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Races and Abilities
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