Deadman Wonderland: The RPG

Join an epic adventure into one of the best anime/manga series, Deadman Wonderland. Take the role of your character as you learn the secrets hiding behind each turn.
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PostSubject: Deadman Wonders   Deadman Wonders I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2013 7:26 pm

Hello, fellow mercenary/murderer!

My identity is irrelevant but when you read this, you cannot resist this offer. The Deadman Wonders Syndicate is currently busy as all agents have been deployed around the world doing operations for us. You have chosen to take upon this quest for a handsome reward. However, you must be respitful and careless for the safety on any form of civilized confrontation, such as personal hygiene, kindness, generosity to children, being "clean," and sober. Your recklessness will be most appreciated as the administrator will know we did not hire you to prove your innocence by murdering more innocent! Very Happy

We need you to eliminate Dr. Isichi Kusugabai from Deadman Wonderland.

His offenses:
~Defecting to the Administrator of our presence in Japan
~Murder of several staff and personel
~Sex offenses
~Assault on minors

Although be advised, he has Undertakers guarding him, mainly around the hundreds, so bring some assistance.

You will find him in this destination: Deadman Wonderland Prison -> The Hospital

Kill Dr. Isichi Kusugabai

You must be either Deadman or Scar Chain
Minimum of 25 posts
Need to participate with at least 3 other players


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